Your Children

Whereas no child left behind made everyone feel small and useless.

No Teachers left behind will empower school districts and teachers with new rules and with Current funding that will return education to its core functions. History, Reading, Math, Science and English, or STEM, while allowing teachers to Teach. If you demand a higher education from a teacher then within the core functions of learning I will have faith in our Teacher’s Wisdom, Guidance and Abilities.  In addition, all funding will be CUT, yes cut until all schools empower a program of HOPE consisting of available programs consisting of 4 or more of the trades and or applied science fields in ambulatory care, emergency medical technicians, HVAC, carpentry, cement, pottery, home economics, beauticians, film and media, equestrian, phlebotomy, IT including networks or any similar applied programs leading the student to a viable means to support oneself as an adult as written by the Secretary of Education.

Gym will be restored in elementary schools to Grade 6 and participants of the Presidential fitness program will be awarded additional funding based on rank AS a district with No Penalty only monetary sharing within the parameter. 

All programs related to subjective social policies will today and forever tomorrow be elective in nature and non-funding eligible per DOE rule set.   Social, Culture and People‚Äôs inherent belief structures are not a basis of learning in a Constitutional Republic

Only Rights Granted in the Constitution ought to be discussed outside of the core learning model with Children who Absorb Everything.  With NO additional funding required, an Ayala Administration will take the steps to empower the Visions, Dreams and Aspirations of our Youth. We can provide them with Hope, I ask no less.