The G8 miss-calculated the resolve of Humans to be Free and for that the world should apologize to Ukraine.  However, Ukraine is a fifth of the size of Russia and its economy is significantly behind the Russia economy.  In the interest of human lives this is what an Ayala administration would do.

  1. Ukraine need to identify its rational end-game based on its ability to maintain said end-game.
  2. Upon such a determination and as long as the outcome is able to achieve an operational outcome of greater than 65% then Ukraine should pursue such options via an equipment list through Ukraine’s lend lease that will ensures such goals.
  3. Upon such a determination the United State will stand behind such a proclamation and determination by Ukraine and upon such a proclamation the United States of America will No longer provide aid that American taxpayers will be liable for. Funding others wars is not an American position in an Ayala administration. 
  4. Thus it would be prudent for President Zelenskyy to make such determinations in a manner that consider all things possible.  There has to be a point where Russia stops bombarding Ukrainian territories it’s not sustainable for Ukraine’s people.

Joe Biden failed every human in Ukraine. Joe Biden lacked the Posture to force Putin’s hand in a different direction. Joe Biden failed in the early stages of arming Ukraine offering cowardliness instead of Swords. Joe Biden failed so many people that helped America in Afghanistan and lost US Troops, equipment and hardware with a chaotic exit from Afghanistan. Joe Biden is allowing China to continue to operate a forward base in Cuba rather then removing the US embargo of Cuba and turning Cuba into an ally and a friend.

Joe Biden has failed in protecting America from its enemies allowing acts of intimidation against US Service personal abroad and on Americas homeland. A Presidents 1st duty is to protect America and in this regard Joe Biden has failed.

All Lives Matter