Why Electric

Why not gas, hydrogen or nuclear? Isn’t that how Capitalism is supposed to work, the best idea with the best efficiency is supposed to win out the day. Yet all too often GREED gets in the way and greedy dual citizens use your Money to force their will on You. Enough is enough. Hydrogen is most likely the future, but what you won’t see in an Ayala administration is us picking winners and losers. The People through their wallets decide the best outcome for them, not government policy, period.

The Italians, the Chinese and the Japanese have all made hydrogen vehicles that run cheaper and DO not force their countries to Rely on materials for batteries from China, even China believes this and they control most of the materials for battery technology. America powered the rise of China at the expense of America. I like cheap stuff as well but look what happened to the American worker as a whole. Collectively, we are down but still the best.

Wealth comes through innovation and ingenuity and China steals this every chance they can. My polices will allow the capital markets to decide what the future of the American automobile is! Anyone advocating for any policy that creates a Monopoly on a single product or a single utility is not a person who is for Free and Open Markets, thus you are an enemy of the Constitution and an enemy of America.