Senator Clinton

Irony is that the NAACP invites Senator Clinton to speak at its upcoming Gala while disregarding Cornel West who is actually black and running for office. This is one more example of how an organization that began honoring the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King has veered off course that it chooses the opposite of its own. We know that while President Clinton was paling around with names that shall not be spoken all while labeling one race super predators that maybe we should wait to hold judgment until we review what Senator Clinton did in the interest of black people in New York.

According to, Clinton introduced 713 pieces of legislation over her two terms. Of that count, 363 were Senate bills, while the rest were amendments or resolutions.

Of the bills Clinton sponsored, only three actually became law. One established a historic site in New York, one renamed a post office and one named a highway. Yall see anything black there other than the shot at Obama.