Social Security

To the Wealthy I say this to you! Your Wealth was built upon the bedrock of American freedom and your Countrymen need your Compassion. All forms of wealth not otherwise passed down and in excess of 2 million but not more then 5 million would be subject to a %0.001 FICA contributions in addition to any income tax owed. If you earned nothing on the 1040 but Social Security earnings and a pension but the value of your capital estate is valued over 2 million excluding real estate but is still valued up to 5 million, you would owe social security 3k on the 2-3 million, 6k on 3-4 million and 9k on 4-5 million this will insure Social Security remains liquid.

No Wealth Tax, No You are my Enemy. I am asking those with pass downs with or without W2 wages but with capital estates to help ensure that America’s Seniors are always funded. Please join me as we work together to Strengthen Social Security, not destroy it as the republicans seek to do!