Its time for the political persecution of all people by the FBI to stop. I could go on about how no reasonable person would have charged Hillary Clinton while a reasonable person seems available to charge Trump for doing what both Clinton’s have escaped culpability for. Even though one of the Clinton’s was not a President and the other was president and did in fact lie under oath. Or, why the idea of Charging any prior President sets bad precedent for America as a whole. Or I could go on about how thousands upon thousands of black, brown and white people are sitting in jail on the same charges Hunter Biden escaped with some people being charged at both the state and federal level for the same conduct.

So like, Teddy Roosevelt an Ayala administration will demand fair laws, fairly enforced for every citizen. Not just those who have money or political connections. Justice will be truly blind under an Ayala administration and I will remove marijuana from the federal drug control list. I will not stand by as a country that incarcerated black, brown and white folks for marijuana. Now sits by as the same people who persecuted black, brown and white control access to new jobs and opportunities without some type of redress to those convicted needlessly of marijuana offenses. Redress shouldn’t be the denial of access to others based on not having prior bad acts. Equal and fair laws for everyone, simple!