Biden doesn’t like You

The definition of insanity is an organization that blasts a SCOTUS decision while the chapter President of the NAACP in New York sides with the Governor of New York & the President of the United States in their disregard of black people. When you specifically target one product used by one race this is the definition of racism.

  • Discrimination in construction jobs increase home prices for all of us.
  • Real estate appraisals that discriminate against black homeowners.
  • Newport and Menthol cigarettes are bad for black however white folks retain
  • All of their brands of cigarettes. I guess Joe Biden doesn’t like white either!
  • No Aunt Jemima, No Mrs. Butterworth, No Uncle Ben’s Rice, all Erased, who asked for this again?
  • The NAACP allowed everything black people loved and liked to be removed from history with some states actually trying to erase the sins of Jim Crow?  Now we’re supposed to be outraged because 2 or 3 black people can’t go to Harvard, a University that turned out one of the most racist persons of the 21st century that is Ron DeSantis.

The NAACP is the epitome of bad politics for black people.  Dr. King would be ashamed that you let the Civil Rights movement get pushed aside by ambiguous sexuality.  Emmett Till’s accusers died in 2023 and the State of Georgia cancelled her warrant while arresting a prior President, what logic.  Where was the NAACP reminding people of a beautiful boys life lost for a gesture that never occurred?  No-Where that’s where!

Biden bans menthol cigarettes.  Biden goes against Railroad workers, Biden sides with people advocating for monopolies on cars like Musk, Biden sides with battery companies where lithium batteries burn so hot the fires cannot be put out and your home insurance rates will skyrocket.  Biden moves the democratic primary process to a State that hasn’t voted for a democrat in 70 years diluting black power even more.

How out of touch and arrogant to impose one view on a Whole Race of People and this is exactly why Roe is No More because Americans forgot what it Means to be Free and black organizations including Al Sharpton’s & the NAACP forgot the People they work for! Do black a favor for once democrats and force a primary of Joe Biden.