You 1st

You 1st. Caring for America without Socialism. You 1st, caring without socialism. My name is Robert C. Ayala and I am a real Democrat running for the democratic nomination for 2028. My campaign to stop two of the worst campaigns has been unsuccessful. Going forward its time to elect a true peoples government from the bottom up. My positions tend to be who I am, so in that regard I will continue to keep the ideas that I think truly represent You the American people. Red, White or Blue, I’m Rob, and I am there for You. Join me Rob in 2028, I would be so grateful.

1st, I will raise the Standard Deduction to $26.000 for individuals and $52,000 for married couples, no other additions or subtractions.  This will provide a Tax Cut to every Taxpayer on day one. Politicians will continue to play chicken with the debt ceiling but now they will do it with less of Your Money.

2nd, we should be promoting Peace and Harmony throughout the world using the strength of Americas Power to give Hope to those seeking to Live Free. Peace and harmony are only protected through strength of arms and so I will immediately begin negotiations with Canada on a new pipeline while commissioning 9 new warships to fortify the Arctic and America’s northern front.  We have seen how bad actors in the world do not distinguish between civilian and military targets while others in certain political factions in America seem intent on arming our enemies with cash that they use to hurt America. Peace only comes through strength of arms and Hope!

3rd all businesses with revenue under 10 million dollars will be allowed a line-item deduction to net income up to 250k for machinery and equipment manufactured in the USA on a yearly basis but not more than actual NOI. This will produce real jobs in American manufacturing.

Prior presidents claim to care about You but I am not so sure.  Clinton locked America up, Bush spent a surplus and gave us a long war, Obama took more taxes and No-One got better healthcare, Trump gave you back $0.50 a week by reducing your Social Security and with Biden everything in life costs more, everything.

You 1st, I Promise.  I promise to not take ANY of your money for anything other than Defense and Social Security.  Together we can make sure that America’s next leaders are capable of Caring, Speaking and Engaging with all Americans not just the winning side. Those who hide from the People should be shunned by the People. Join me on this journey and lets put You and Others 1st the way it should be. Together we can take back the Peoples government. I am forever endeavored to You, I am Awana, Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.